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Featured Aspirations
  • I aspire to work hard & have fun in service to all sentient beings & our planet.

    It's a wonderful life, and there's no greater joy for any of us than using whatever our talents are to alleviate suffering.

    As Ginsberg said, "To ease the pain of living / Everything else, drunken dumbshow."

    Waylon Lewis
    Founder, Elephant Journal
  • I would like to live the rest of my life in such a way that it would enhance the lives of others, all others, other animals, trees, even the planet Earth Herself and in doing so catch the attention of Lord Krishna and be able to get to know Him better.

    Sharon Gannon
    Cofounder Jivamukti Yoga
  • May my actions be grounded in love for myself and all beings, and help cultivate peace.

    Sharon Salzberg
    Teacher, NY Times Best Selling Author & Cofounder of Insight Meditation Society
  • I aspire to remain in service to God, this planet, and each other in the name of peace, freedom, equality and love. I aspire to be fearless, shamelessly outspoken, and stay, every day, every moment, in infinite gratitude for the Mystery, the beauty, the humanity, the fragility, the perfect imperfection, of it all.

    Seane Corn
    Yoga Teacher, Activist and Co-Founder: Off the Mat, Into the World®
  • I aspire to read more poetry, to sing it in my sleep, to share it when I can.

    Gregory Maguire
    Author of many best selling books, such as Wicked and most recently Out of Oz
  • I aspire to take responsibility for the energy I bring to any circumstance and I aspire to always lead with love.

    Jill Bolte Taylor
    Neuroanatomist and author of My Stroke of Insight
  • We aspire to live spontaneously, free of wanting things to be different to how they are.

    Ed and Deb Shapiro
    authors of Be The Change
  • I aspire to live in a world where there are more school gardens than McDonalds franchises, where it's easier to feed our kids fruit than froot loops, and where we experience our profound connection to each other and the land through sharing work and sharing food.

    Josh Viertel
    President, Slow Food USA
  • I aspire to take on everything that this world has to offer and give everything it has yet to see, to work my hardest so that when you find my body at rest without its last breath you can bury me in the earth and let the state of the world be my only epitaph.

    Joshua Onysko
    Founder and CEO, Pangea Organics
  • I aspire to neither lead nor follow, but to simply meet whatever comes to me with firm feet, clear eyes and an open heart.

    Cyndi Lee
    Founder, OM yoga
  • May I and all human beings be liberated from narrow views of self, may we fully open our hearts to each other and to this world, and may we live from our deepest nature as love and wisdom. And may humanity learn to honor and protect this beautiful earth as our home, that life may continue to thrive and evolve on this planet.

    John Welwood
    Psychotherapist, teacher, and writer
  • My aspiration is to create the conditions for world peace in my lifetime, and to do so by creating the conditions for inner peace, inner happiness and compassion worldwide.

    Chade-Meng Tan (陳一鳴)
    Mindfulness Teacher at Google
  • I wish for the abolition of nuclear power and weapons.

    Joanna Macy
  • My aspiration is a nuclear, drone-free world, that takes care of its denizens and inspires artistic creativity in all directions of space.

    A Stupa wakes the world up to itself. It is an Archive of our psyche, our imagination, an inscription of creativity and humanity. It is a memory bank and also a kind of enlightened "time bomb" that may set off dharma activity in further and future galaxies. Consciousness exists on many levels, and we are reminded of this by an architecture that reflects the wisdom mind. Let's help create a world, a universe, without war and cruelty and torture and greed. Vow to help all sentient beings as well as ourselves. And the non-human ones — all that crawl, breathe and swim. It's a vow to sanity. I hope we can participate in the creation of this next Stupa with expansive poetry and music and scintillating images, a poeisis of our speech, body and mind.

    Anne Waldman
    Co-founder (with Allen Ginsberg) of The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University
    Distinguished Professor of Poetics, NU
    Chancellor, The Academy of American Poets
  • my aspirations.......

    that we may all

    realize the inter-connection of all beings through the greatest love
    in our hearts,
    hold no grudges,
    be open to offering our services to others in need,
    be smiling, willing and grateful
    feel joy in this and every moment
    feel sadness
    find our true humility
    share our happiness
    discover our basic goodness

    KiKi SoSo

    Michael Doucet
  • I aspire to help all beings recognize their inherent goodness.

    Susan Piver
    Author, The Wisdom of a Broken Heart
  • Offering this body, this heart, this mind to the ending of suffering,
    may all beings be free from suffering, from want, from greed, from hunger, from hatred and fear;
    may all beings awaken to who they truly are, seeing that we are not separate from any being or thing;
    may we all come home to our true nature, the natural and boundless heart.

    Roshi Joan Halifax
    Founding Abbot, Upaya Zen Center
  • I vow daily to further the cause of peace in the world: to look within and unlock my own obstructions to compassion so that in each encounter, whether it is personal or professional, I can be appropriate and skillfully kind.

    Laura Simms
    Storyteller, Recording Artist, Teacher, Writer and Humanitarian
  • Jim Lord
    Author What Kind of World Do You Want?
  • I aspire to soar higher, inspire, retire and expire.

    David Nichtern
    Musician and Composer

Gathering 100,000 of our best intentions and radiating them to the world.

  • I aspire to become famous fitness model, A Stock market Analyst and to become rich(1,000,000$) in 2 years 16 Apr
  • I aspire to be open hearted to all 15 Apr
  • I aspire to find a better understanding of my motivations with regard to the impact my actions will have on my loved ones and all beings. 1 Apr
  • I aspire to give deprived kids a better chance at life 25 Mar
  • I aspire to create art without judgment. 24 Mar
  • For the benefit of all kind mother sentient beings, I aspire to cause the teachings of the Lake Born Lotus to flourish until all beings become Buddha!!! 23 Mar
  • I aspire to become a better person regardless of what people think. 20 Mar
  • I aspire to sow the seed of love in each and every heart 19 Mar
  • I aspire to be generous to others 19 Mar
  • I aspire to be kind to everyone. 16 Mar
  • I aspire to do more circumambulations in order to transform this planet of momentary suffering into a pure buddha land 14 Mar
  • I aspire to become good man with joy 13 Mar
  • I aspire to become rich 11 Mar
  • I aspire Significant Achievements 8 Mar
  • I aspire to bring a change in society 4 Mar
  • I aspire to help heal the wounded, in body, speech, and mind. 27 Feb
  • I aspire that health and happiness remains with my neighbors, family, and friends. 25 Feb
  • I aspire tourism sector 23 Feb
  • I aspire to have be forward of yes? 19 Feb
  • I aspire ..nm.m. 17 Feb
  • I aspire to be humble and welcoming and affirming and self sustaining and an inspiring and encouraging mother. 13 Feb
  • I aspire to bring more joy to the world by taking actions to create joy in my everyday life. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to make someone laugh out loud. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to make someone laugh. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to stay healthy. 12 Feb
  • I aspire reach my personal goals. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to make the most out of every second. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to make my life meaningful. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to make my life meaningful. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to never forget my humble beginnings. 12 Feb
  • I aspire to help my friend learn what a chemistry is. 12 Feb
  • I aspire all people appreciate their lives as much as I do 10 Feb
  • I aspire to make friends of my enemy's. 21 Jan
  • I aspire to be less aggressive with myself and others. 19 Jan
  • I aspire that our consciousness can open and keep on expanding, to reach more and more 17 Jan
  • I aspire that all people embrace their own personal freedom 13 Jan
  • I aspire to take care of my physical body so that I can continue being of help to others. 1 Jan
  • I aspire make better use of my time. 1 Jan
  • I aspire to understand so vividly and completely that forgiveness happen automatically, without question 30 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to be brave in working with my mind 30 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to step fully and completely into my path with heart. 25 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to realize my profound brilliant nature 18 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to not be ill anymore. 15 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to be a published author. 15 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to grow a healthy and wise family to cultivate a responsible global community. 12 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to be kind and live peacefully. 11 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to love and accept every person for the unique & beautiful being they are. 11 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to make the most of my potential in happiness and success 11 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to have peace in my soul, to be happy every single day and to radiate that to the ones around me. 4 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to be mindful all day long Kar Ram 4 Dec 2013
  • I aspire to benefit all beigng 4 Dec 2013
  • I aspire that all people have shoes to wear. 28 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to treat others with kindness and to practice to support this aspiration. 27 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to know what my aspirations truly are 27 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to love myself so I can love all others 25 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to open my heart to gratitude each moment. 24 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to live mindfully 24 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to wake up, and to step into my path with heart one hundred percent. 22 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to lead a happy life, with material and psychological well-being. 21 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to improve health care in Libya 17 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to forgive faster. 14 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to do great in diving 12 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to read my bible every morning and make a difference in those around me. 12 Nov 2013
  • I aspire 332 12 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to do social work 11 Nov 2013
  • I aspire all should be equally treated 5 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to strive to be a better person every day. 5 Nov 2013
  • I aspire that all people treat animal and the environment with love and respect. 4 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to not procrastinate! 4 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to be brave and honest 4 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to interact/ communicate smoothly with different peoples in atleast 15 languages 1 Nov 2013
  • I aspire to summon energy to be of service 31 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to see the positive in every situation 29 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to be someone that will be remembered long after I'm gone 26 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to discover myself, my true self. 23 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to be happy 22 Oct 2013
  • I aspire that i'll become an artist 19 Oct 2013
  • I aspire that Shambhala flourishes and all its staff is supported. 18 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to stand on the shoulders of giants. 15 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to save lives in summer (Surf Life Saver) 14 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to make people around me happy 11 Oct 2013
  • I aspire my self until i become rich 9 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to gain my self until I am pain 9 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to love unconditionally; without barriers, and borders, and attachement. Freely, Openly, Fully. 7 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to heal the lonely child within that is so desperate for love. I am love, god is within me and loves me, I love myself. 6 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to judge less, love more and be more present in my daily life. 6 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to watch tv shows. 6 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to find the sacred within each moment of life 5 Oct 2013
  • I aspire for our country to show dignity and intelligence in all things - an enlightened kingdom 1 Oct 2013
  • I aspire to let go of selfish aims and to be kind whatever the circumstances 27 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be kind in times of turmoil 26 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be in the process, and enjoy the process, until I get to there! Wherever there is! 20 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to continue to learn something new everyday. Be a sponge 20 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to help others less fortunate 18 Sep 2013
  • I aspire luke roberts will be my boyfriend from mcnug 17 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to focus on my words and thoughts, as they influence everything that we receive 16 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be less negative! 16 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to learn something new everyday. 16 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to try my best everyday, to be as good as I can be in what I do for my clients and others. 16 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be super kawaii 12 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to eat a banana dipped in shit 12 Sep 2013
  • I aspire for Riece Bruton to loose weight and grow a pair 11 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to smash Callum Wiggets up 11 Sep 2013
  • I aspire that chris sister will be my girlfriend by 2014 11 Sep 2013
  • I aspire that tim will no longer look like Tarzan 11 Sep 2013
  • I aspire that jonsey will be king ;) 11 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be one of the worlds greatest entertainers and pilot 8 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to be perfect at what I do 5 Sep 2013
  • I aspire manager 5 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to open my heart. To let others in. To let my energy radiate out. 2 Sep 2013
  • I aspire to find love 2 Sep 2013
  • my aspiration is to become a pilot 2 Sep 2013
  • I aspire the world be free of chemical weapons 29 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to have a goal to aspire too 27 Aug 2013
  • I aspire that every human should love for other humans what he/she loves for his/herself. 26 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to be successful 25 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to become the most challenging and competent jazz trumpet player the world has ever seen. My website: 15 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to love 13 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to always remember that I & others are basically good. 5 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to live a life of aspiration and be the reason of aspiration 1 Aug 2013
  • I aspire to remain positive under the most difficult situations. 29 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to have less stress in my life. 23 Jul 2013
  • I wish that 261 people would make one aspiration a day for the next year to reach the goal for the stupa. 23 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to be simple and enjoy my precious human birth. 23 Jul 2013
  • I aspire that all people have a quality education. 23 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to live a passionate life despite the outcome. The path is the goal. I know that but can't seem to live it. 23 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to see a little more of Buddha in myself everyday. 23 Jul 2013
  • I would like to be the person who helps community college students achieve their aspirations. 23 Jul 2013
  • I wanna be a toys'r'us kid. 19 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to be gentle with myself in all situations that arise from confusion. 17 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to help people, one person at a time 11 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to forgive more readily. 9 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to improve ethical self-discipline 8 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to be a better man than my father and his father 2 Jul 2013
  • I aspire to purify myself, and dedicate the merit to all beings, as well as all of my karmic creditors. Om Vajrasattva Hum. 30 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Peace and Bliss for the sake of ALL beings. 30 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to have a less stressful life. 29 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to have generositiy be my way of life. 28 Jun 2013
  • I aspire that I see the good in all people everyday 24 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to work with my burnout so as not to walk away completely from being of service 24 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to stay true to myself. 24 Jun 2013
  • I aspire that all accidents should be avoided by following the rule 20 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to turn my weaknesses into strengths! 18 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to use words wisely 18 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to gently open my heart to myself and to the world, in love, and with clarity. 15 Jun 2013
  • I aspire I can go to World University Debate Championship one day 13 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to live from great vow each moment of the day. 10 Jun 2013
  • I aspire that all of us will practice Dharma now without a second delay by control our own body, speech, and mind. 5 Jun 2013
  • OM AH GURU HASA VAJRA SARWA SHIDDHI PHALA HUM May Milarepa Buddha bless all sentient beings away from the three lower realms 5 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to share a smile with someone everyday 1 Jun 2013
  • I aspire to love myself 31 May 2013
  • I aspire that all learn about the true Faith and follow it. 18 May 2013
  • I aspire to be honest and true in my life. 14 May 2013
  • I aspire to leave selfish motives behind, to move forward through my teaching. 10 May 2013
  • I aspire to rise to the occassion 7 May 2013
  • I aspire to create happiness for all! 7 May 2013
  • I aspire and wishing the long life of H.E Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche may continuasly turn the wheel of dharma to benefit all sentient beings. To have loving compassion on us whose mind are deluded.I aspire throughout countless life times I may arise as a shamballa warrior and great wealthy benefactor in supporting the works of the Nyingma and Kagyu lamas. Through this aspiration may I receive the blessings of great tertons and tulkus so that I may quickly attain buddhahood to benefit all sentient beings.- Alex Woo Yih Shyan (Auckland NZ) 4 May 2013
  • I aspire to become a Doctor Without Border 3 May 2013
  • I aspire to daily different sex 1 May 2013
  • I aspire to free people from negativity, so their hearts can shine free 30 Apr 2013
  • I aspire fearlessness and unquestioning generosity. 28 Apr 2013
  • I aspire that i can someday leave my name on history 25 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to have the ability to cure cancer :) 25 Apr 2013
  • I aspire that all girls would let me fuck 25 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to maintain peace around me to the best I could :)! World peace , everyone :D! -Yongwei 25 Apr 2013
  • I aspire FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS 22 Apr 2013
  • I aspire lead a life of fulfilment 22 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to aspire 22 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to kill someone 22 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to stay calm in turbulent times. 15 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to open my heart in the face of adversity 11 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to bless all others and see them as part of myself, together attaining peace, healing, happiness and an enlightened society 4 Apr 2013
  • I aspire to one day have a family. 30 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to do everything I can to support people with cancer and their loved ones. 29 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to be awake 29 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to be a musician 27 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to push my own envelope to be of greater service to others 26 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to spread the word that animals need kindness as well as people. 22 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to serve humanity with compassion through God's grace 22 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to serve humanity through living my gifts 22 Mar 2013
  • May all sentients beings enjoy happiness and be free of suffering, all the Precious Teachers have long life, and the Dharma spread more and more. 16 Mar 2013
  • May the sun of boundless compassion and wisdom in my heart send forth his warm rays and be victorious in all directions. 16 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to spread the word about frequency of love. 15 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to be primordially confident 13 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to be the best that i can be. 11 Mar 2013
  • May all children be safely loved, protected, appreciated and nurtured so that they learn kindness and compassion towards themselves, others and this World. 11 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to live with a soft heart 10 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to see the potential for growth and new life within each moment 5 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to love beyond reason. 3 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to be true to myself every day 2 Mar 2013
  • I aspire to get the best of my life 28 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to find my aspiration 27 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to let go of negative emotions. 22 Feb 2013
  • I aspire work 22 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to be healthy in order to help sentient beings. 21 Feb 2013
  • I aspire that we may be free of our reliance on fossil fuels 14 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to be truthful 13 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to do the inner-work and to finish my homework. 10 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to explore the world and make connections with people in other cultures so that we all see each other as fellow human beings, unseparated by borders. 9 Feb 2013
  • I aspire to praise the good. Thank you. 6 Feb 2013


100K thanks to Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti yoga who has joined 100,000 aspirations as an inspired supporter!

"I would like to live the rest of my life in such a way that it would enhance the lives of others, all others, other animals, trees, even the planet Earth Herself and in doing so catch the attention of Lord Krishna and be able to get to know Him better."

Keep Aspiring


100K thanks to Gregory Maguire, author of many best selling books, such as Wicked and most recently Out of Oz, who has joined 100,000 aspirations as an inspired supporter.

"I aspire to read more poetry, to sing it in my sleep, to share it when I can"





‎"I find that asking myself “What’s not wrong?” has the effect of instantly shifting my mindset, bringing me right back to a positive view, and softening fear…and from there, opening me up to answers we didn’t expect to the problems at hand."

Sally Schneider, creator of ‘the improvised life’

Keep Aspiring!

Inspired supporter (and friend) Susan Piver on feeling our way to our resolutions/aspirations for the new year...

Keep Aspiring!


Teacher Chuck Whetsell offers tips on dancing with our aspirations throughout the day.

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Shambhala Publications joins our community of generous sponsors and is offering a 25% discount to anyone who contributes $25 or more to the 100,000 aspirations project to build a stupa - a monument to peace in Vermont. We'll email the coupon code.

A big thank you to Shambhala Publications and Keep Aspiring!



From a short interview (more to come!) with our inspired supporters, Ed and Deb Shapiro, authors of Be the Change...on the 100,000 Aspirations project:

‎"A message that is so meaningful is needed for this screwed up world. Like ripples in a pond, just put out the ripples, put out the message, wish all beings are happy and free from suffering, and then let it all take it’s own course." 

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Thanks to a donation from our wonderful media partner, 100,000 Aspirations now has a aspiration banner on each Ele page. Thank you!

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Calling all videos! Top 5 video aspirations with the most Likes by New Years receive Pema Chodron's "True Happiness" audio download from our sponsor Sounds True. See our Video Aspiration Blog for the details.

For hilarious (and helpful) video tips, see Kate Bartolotta's "How to make a video aspiration in 108 easy takes"

Also not to be missed, our media partner Elephant Journal's own Waylon Lewis's video aspiration out-takes.

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Karmê Chöling - the Shambhala retreat center in Vermont where the stupa, the monument to peace - is being built is in the NYTimes: Solo Retreats for Urban Professionals. Keep Aspiring!

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Stupas are sacred monuments to peace, tolerance and compassion that are at the heart of the Buddhist tradition.


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